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Connect with the liminal, reach your impossible 

Yoga is a path to the subtle, to our inner worlds, to the magick that lies deep within, to our divine power. The offerings below guide you deep into yourself, so that you may step fully into who you truly are. Step into your magick, your power. Walk the liminal, welcome the divine.



Bend don’t Break

Drop backs & Backbends Workshop

Uff, with six planets in retrograde, our hearts might be feeling heavy.

Join me in a two-hour workshop in which we will open our heart chakra and explore the magick of dropbacks and backbends 🌀 come learn anatomy, drills, and tips on how to backend painlessly and feel safe dropping back.

Oct. 15


Cost: $35

Where: El Estudio 


Strong Spirit

Strong Body

This is a series of workshops happening quarterly in 2022. These 4 hour workshops are designed to take your practice to the next level, not just physically but spiritually as well. Diving deep into different aspects of yogic philosophy and how through application of this philosophy we deepen our physical practice. Hosted at El Estudio - Yoga I love you, Ciudadela. 

  • 1st workshop Saturday January 22, (1pm-5pm). Here we will dive deep into the connection between yoga and the nervous system. Flowing through a somatic experience and witnessing our samskaras.

  • 2nd workshop Saturday  April 23 (1pm-5pm).  In our second workshop we will explore arm balances in our yoga practice and dive deep into the philosophy of Sithra & Sukham 

  • 3rd workshop July 23 (1pm-5pm). In our third workshop we will go deep into the physical by twisting, turning and churning. Adding nauli kriya into our physical practice, transforming from the inside out. 

  • 4th workshop November 19 (1pm-5pm). In our final workshop of the year, we will dive deep into inversions. Focused on forearm stand and handstands. We will close the year exploring Sutra 1.2 Chitta vittri nirodha. 

Single workshops $75 + TAX

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