Rose Tulsi Elixir

Rose Tulsi Elixir

Rose and Tulsi come together through the folk method, to provide everyday support of the nervous and immune system. Rose has a soothing and cooling effect, especially acting upon the heart, providing a sense of ease and calm. Tulsi aids in supporting a balance immune system, as well as further calming the body, mind and soul, giving us a soothing presence. 

This is my go to Elixir for daily use. Take 10-15 drops. I like to take is straight, but you can take it either in tea, water or smoothie. 

All herbs are fresh from my garden, homegrown and process with lots of love and intention. Most tinctures are made under the guide of the plant spirits themselves. For it is them who tell me the combination of herbs and then through my studies and research I find the use of the combination given by the plant spirits.

Please consult a doctor before taking any herbal medicine.