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Necromantia Oil

Necromantia Oil


This offering took me about a year to conjure. I remember the first night the spirits of this oil appeared to me. I was awakened by a shadow from deep sleep. Shadow looked straight at me and moved towards me. I sat with it and the knowledge that it had to share. 

The next day I went to work in the garden and in my shed I was greeted by the spirit of Toad, who was slowly dying. I instantly knew, that the night before it was Toad spirit who had visited me the night before. 

Scared animal to Hekate, keeper of the keys, and faithful companion to the Bone Queen. Toad magick allows us to move between the realms of the dead and the living. It teaches us how to move between the underworld and the realm of the living. 


Necromantia Oil is a ritual oil that incorporate's Toad Spirit, mixed within are the bones of Toad. Its spirit serves as a guide,  showing us how to work with the dead or for deep transformational alchemy. You can ask Toad spirit to guide your work with the dead and your ancestors or it can accompany you as you process and move through grief and loss. Allowing what needs to die within to die and give space for new life to bloom. 

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