Lemongrass Tincture

Lemongrass Tincture

Done through the folk method. A mild sedative, good for insomnia (when under stress) arthritic aches & headaches, aids in soothing gastrointestinal distress, helping detox, cramps, nausea, and, bloating. Helps repair connective tissue such as ligaments, cartilage & tendons. 

Take one full dropper, either in tea, water, smoothie or straight. You may use topically as well. 


All herbs are fresh from my garden, homegrown, and processed with lots of love and intention. Most tinctures are made under the guidance of the plant spirits themselves. It is they who tell me the combination of herbs and then through my studies and research I find the use of the combination given by the plant spirits. 


Please consult a doctor before taking herbal medicines.