Blood Moon Elixir

Blood Moon Elixir

This elixir took weeks of going deep into trance and ritual, some herbal allies would appear, some would disappear, after many different concoction ideas, personal experimentation with different combinations of herbal allies, this elixir came to be.


A folk method blend of penny royal, mugwort, yarrow and hibiscus come together to increase circulation, warm up the uterus & pelvic region aiding in removing old stagnant blood, while regulating hormone levels. Thinning of the uterine lining assist in a smooth flow, vitalizing the blood, moderating menstruation, thus restoring harmony with our reproductive cycle. 


Take 10-15 drops, either in tea, water, smoothie or straight under neath the toungue a week or so before menstruating and during menstrual cycle. 


All herbs are fresh from my garden, homegrown and process with lots of love and intention. Most tinctures are made under the guide of the plant spirits themselves. For it is them who tell me the combination of herbs and then through my studies and research I find the use the combination given by the plant spirits. 


Please consult a doctor before taking any herbal remedies.