Vasti Mikal Yoga

I came home to my body through yoga about 15 years ago, looking for physical, spiritual and emotional healing. Without me realizing my practice transformed into deep inner healing and a lifelong journey of Self remembering.

​For many years I practiced a gentle asana with a deep spiritual practice. However as I reached my mid twenties, a fire within me awoke (maybe my Agni fire), and I realized, the stronger the spirit, the stronger the container for the spirit should be. This thought transformed my yoga practice. I wanted my body and my practice to manifest the strong spirit I held within. 

​Thus I facilitate vigorous, playful, restorative, vinyasa flows that invite you to explore your nervous system and inner worlds through a trauma sensitive lens. Coming home to your body by exploring movement, meditation, mindfulness and breathwork. Experiencing both strength and spirit. 

​Come home to you.


"If only you knew how much yoga & interacting with you has helped me in my depression and made me a more aware person... you are making a difference, you are helping people and you are changing the world, thanks to you I'm more free and more confident and I thank you for that now and always"


"You have have helped me so much and I am eternally grateful, I learned that everything is everything and its the little victories that win the battles"


"Thank you for the good that you have brought into my life"